sherlock.imports (subpackage)

Subpackage Members

ifs(log[, settings, pathToDataFile, …]) Importer for the Multi Unit Spectroscopic Explorer (MUSE) IFS galaxy catalogue stream
marshall(log[, settings, pathToDataFile, …]) Import the ePESSTO Marshall transient streams (includes multiple on-going transient survey streams) into the Sherlock-catalogues database
ned(log[, settings, pathToDataFile, …]) Using a list of coordinates, query the online NED database and import sources found within a given search radius of each of the loctions into the sherlock-catalogues database
ned_d(log[, settings, pathToDataFile, …]) Import the * `NED-D <>`_ *galaxy catalogue in to the sherlock-catalogues database
veron(log[, settings, pathToDataFile, …]) importer object for the VERON AGN catalogue
_base_importer(log[, settings, …]) The base importer object used to import new catalgues into sherlock-catalogues database