Source code for sherlock.imports.ifs

# encoding: utf-8
*Import Multi Unit Spectroscopic Explorer (MUSE) IFS galaxy stream into sherlock-catalogues database*

    David Young

:Date Created:
    December 12, 2016
################# GLOBAL IMPORTS ####################
import sys
import os
os.environ['TERM'] = 'vt100'
import readline
import glob
import pickle
import codecs
import string
import requests
import re
from docopt import docopt
from astrocalc.coords import unit_conversion
from import multiobject_download
from ._base_importer import _base_importer

[docs]class ifs(_base_importer): """ *Importer for the Multi Unit Spectroscopic Explorer (MUSE) IFS galaxy catalogue stream* **Key Arguments:** - ``log`` -- logger - ``settings`` -- the settings dictionary **Usage:** To import the IFS catalogue stream into the sherlock-catalogues database, run the following: .. code-block:: python from sherlock.imports import IFS stream = IFS( log=log, settings=settings ) stream.ingest() .. todo :: - abstract this module out into its own stand alone script - check sublime snippet exists """ # INITIALISATION
[docs] def ingest(self): """*Import the IFS catalogue into the sherlock-catalogues database* The method first generates a list of python dictionaries from the IFS datafile, imports this list of dictionaries into a database table and then generates the HTMIDs for that table. **Usage:** See class docstring for usage """ self.log.debug('starting the ``get`` method') self.primaryIdColumnName = "primaryId" self.raColName = "raDeg" self.declColName = "decDeg" self.dbTableName = "tcs_cat_ifs_stream" self.databaseInsertbatchSize = 500 dictList = self._create_dictionary_of_IFS() tableName = self.dbTableName createStatement = """ CREATE TABLE `%(tableName)s` ( `primaryId` bigint(20) NOT NULL AUTO_INCREMENT COMMENT 'An internal counter', `dateCreated` datetime DEFAULT CURRENT_TIMESTAMP, `decDeg` double DEFAULT NULL, `name` varchar(100) COLLATE utf8_unicode_ci DEFAULT NULL, `raDeg` double DEFAULT NULL, `z` double DEFAULT NULL, `htm16ID` bigint(20) DEFAULT NULL, `htm10ID` bigint(20) DEFAULT NULL, `htm13ID` bigint(20) DEFAULT NULL, `dateLastModified` datetime DEFAULT CURRENT_TIMESTAMP, `updated` varchar(45) DEFAULT '0', PRIMARY KEY (`primaryId`), UNIQUE KEY `radeg_decdeg` (`raDeg`,`decDeg`), KEY `idx_htm16ID` (`htm16ID`), KEY `idx_htm10ID` (`htm10ID`), KEY `idx_htm13ID` (`htm13ID`) ) ENGINE=MyISAM AUTO_INCREMENT=0 DEFAULT CHARSET=utf8 COLLATE=utf8_unicode_ci; """ % locals() self.add_data_to_database_table( dictList=dictList, createStatement=createStatement ) self.log.debug('completed the ``get`` method') return None
[docs] def _create_dictionary_of_IFS( self): """*Generate the list of dictionaries containing all the rows in the IFS stream* **Return:** - ``dictList`` - a list of dictionaries containing all the rows in the IFS stream **Usage:** .. code-block:: python from sherlock.imports import IFS stream = IFS( log=log, settings=settings ) dictList = stream._create_dictionary_of_IFS() """ self.log.debug( 'starting the ``_create_dictionary_of_IFS`` method') # GRAB THE CONTENT OF THE IFS CSV try: response = requests.get( url=self.settings["ifs galaxies url"], ) thisData = response.content thisData = thisData.split("\n") status_code = response.status_code except requests.exceptions.RequestException: print 'HTTP Request failed' sys.exit(0) dictList = [] columns = ["name", "raDeg", "decDeg", "z"] for line in thisData: thisDict = {} line = line.strip() line = line.replace("\t", " ") values = line.split("|") if len(values) > 3: thisDict["name"] = values[0].strip() # ASTROCALC UNIT CONVERTER OBJECT converter = unit_conversion( log=self.log ) try: raDeg = converter.ra_sexegesimal_to_decimal( ra=values[1].strip() ) thisDict["raDeg"] = raDeg decDeg = converter.dec_sexegesimal_to_decimal( dec=values[2].strip() ) thisDict["decDeg"] = decDeg except: name = thisDict["name"] self.log.warning( 'Could not convert the coordinates for IFS source %(name)s. Skipping import of this source.' % locals()) continue try: z = float(values[3].strip()) if z > 0.: thisDict["z"] = float(values[3].strip()) else: thisDict["z"] = None except: thisDict["z"] = None dictList.append(thisDict) self.log.debug( 'completed the ``_create_dictionary_of_IFS`` method') return dictList
# use the tab-trigger below for new method # xt-class-method