sherlock.commonutils common tools used throughout package


sherlock.catalogue_conesearch The worker class for the conesearch module
sherlock.commonutils.update_wiki_pages Update sherlock’s github wiki pages with some useful info regarding the crossmatch database catalogue tables
sherlock.database the database object for sherlock, setting up ssh tunnels and various database connections
sherlock.database_cleaner Clean and maintain the database helper tables used by sherlock
sherlock.imports._base_importer The base importer object used to import new catalgues into sherlock-catalogues database
sherlock.imports.ifs Importer for the Multi Unit Spectroscopic Explorer (MUSE) IFS galaxy catalogue stream
sherlock.imports.marshall Import the ePESSTO Marshall transient streams (includes multiple on-going transient survey streams) into the Sherlock-catalogues database
sherlock.imports.ned Using a list of coordinates, query the online NED database and import sources found within a given search radius of each of the loctions into the sherlock-catalogues database
sherlock.imports.ned_d Import the * `NED-D <>`_ *galaxy catalogue in to the sherlock-catalogues database
sherlock.imports.veron importer object for the VERON AGN catalogue
sherlock.transient_catalogue_crossmatch crossmatch a list of transients against a suite of catalogues according to given search algorithm
sherlock.transient_classifier The Sherlock Transient Classifier


sherlock.commonutils.get_crossmatch_catalogues_column_map Query the sherlock-catalogues helper tables to generate a map of the important columns of each catalogue