sherlock.cl_utils module

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sherlock init sherlock info [-s ] sherlock [-NA] dbmatch [–update] [-s ] sherlock [-bN] match – [] sherlock clean [-s ] sherlock wiki [-s ] sherlock import ned [-s ] sherlock import cat [-s ] sherlock import stream [-s ]


init setup the sherlock settings file for the first time match XXXX dbmatch database match clean XXXX wiki XXXX import XXXX ned use the online NED database as the source catalogue cat import a static catalogue into the sherlock-catalogues database stream download/stream new data from a give source catalogue into the sherlock sherlock-catalogues database info print an overview of the current catalogues, views and streams in the sherlock database ready for crossmatching

ra                      the right-ascension coordinate with which to perform a conesearch (sexegesimal or decimal degrees)
dec                     the declination coordinate with which to perform a conesearch (sexegesimal or decimal degrees)
radiusArcsec            radius in arcsec of the footprint to download from the online NED database
cat_name                name of the catalogue being imported (veron|ned_d)                          
stream_name             name of the stream to import into the sherlock-catalogues database (ifs)

-N, --skipNedUpdate     do not update the NED database before classification
-A, --skipMagUpdate     do not update the peak magnitudes and human readable text annotations of objects (can eat up some time)
-h, --help              show this help message
-s, --settings          the settings file
-b, --verbose           print more details to stdout
-u, --update            update the transient database with new classifications and crossmatches
-v, --version           print the version of sherlock
tab_complete(text, state)[source]

The main function used when ```` is run as a single script from the cl, or when installed as a cl command